Recruitment Opportunities

We are committed to providing our guests with the highest levels of service at each of of our individual establishments, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure the people we employ are right for the job.
If you would like to work for Ainscoughs and believe you have the hospitality, catering and customer servcie skills we are looking for, then we'd love to hear from you.

Human Resources

So you think you’d like to have a go at working with us - GREAT!
If a family run, dynamic Company that offers amazing opportunities which allows for individual success and growth is for you then drop an email with your details.
Bispham Green Brewery Limited The Eagle & Child Bispham Green Near Parbold Lancashire L40 3SG
Please make sure you let us know your back ground and also which area/business you are interested in.

We’ve all been there: pre-interview nerves, sleepless nights, sweaty palms and a mouth reminiscent of the Sahara when you make that first phone call offering your expertise for a new job that you really want to have a go at. At Bispham Green Brewery Company there isn’t really any need to be nervous - we are an eclectic bunch of friendly people from all walks of life with one main thing in common- we love our work and sharing in its success. Throughout the year we are always looking for people to join our team and you are always welcome to drop us an email to see what is happening jobs-wise. Once we have had a chat over the phone with you, we will invite you to come along for a brew at one our establishments. Even if there isn’t a job available, we will keep hold of your Curriculum Vitae and call you when positions become available. Don’t worry, we know that Curriculum Vitaes change along with personal circumstances so there is always the opportunity to update us before we proceed any further. All we want to get to know at this stage is YOU, it’s that simple.
The Ainscoughs Recruitment Experience

We have had a chat and have both decided (it’s your decision too) that you would like to do a “stage” at one of our establishments. This will give you the chance to see us at work, what we do, and how we interact with the customers and each other. We will soon discover if your a dab-hand at the old pint pulling or indeed serving award winning food in muted surroundings. This process is as much about you discovering us as it is about us discovering you. Essentially, we might find that we can’t quite place you in one of our establishments or we may find that you’ve gone down an absolute treat but feel like trying another place before you decide. Feedback will be gathered from those whom you have worked with but don’t worry, just be yourself and you will be fine, we want you to enjoy working with us. You will also have plenty of opportunity to give us your opinion. It’s a two-way decision and one that takes time and that is absolutely fine. We also offer a limited number of student placements to those that have decided to commit to catering as a career and have opted to do a course in this field.
We Like Each Other

Ok, we have two names. The company is diverse and covers many sectors so there is no point in putting our Farm Shops under the Brewery banner so in effect it’s the Ainscoughs Group that is the umbrella firm for Bispham Green Brewery Company. We are a small family firm and it’s just as important that the “career fit” works well on both sides. Our Company, although privately owned, has a great deal of professional transparency within it. Nothing is hidden, in time as a Bispham Green Brewery Company employee you will begin to understand that all roles within the group are essentially what you make them. This allows you, regardless of your position, a certain degree of ownership of where you work. Menus are discussed purely on and individual basis, there is no group format. You won’t find a standardised online menu system with photographs of how Ham, Egg and Chips should look. Our Chefs and Managers are individuals and so are the establishments. We believe that manipulating creativity from a Head Office is wrong. Centralisation stifles creativity and stops the juices and the excitement flowing. You are here to utilise your skills to the best of your ability, work as a team achieve joint goals through hard work. We do use our ‘group’ to buy at the best possible prices though and this ensures that the customer gets the best quality at an affordable price. What we look for are people who enjoy talking and interacting with members of the team and our customers but realise when it is time to work. Its a good idea to enjoy food, ale, wine and do not forget the capabilities of the beloved Tanqueray 10 and tonic- a must! Appearance is important as you are selling our food, drinks, rooms and services so it goes without saying that you should be well turned out. One last thing, we like people who SMILE!! Although we have not conducted an official survey we reckon that we have one of the best staff retention rates in the industry. We are a happy bunch, it might be down to the good rates of pay, or the fact that you’re allowed to make the job your own, or it could be the good holiday allowance that we offer. Who knows, all we know is that it works as some of the team have been here from the very beginning! There is never an opportunity for boredom. If you have proved your tenacity and your ambition then we are always here to listen to any ideas that you may have to develop yourself as an individual. We offer courses in all areas of catering and want you to feel fulfilled and succeed in your field.
Working for Bispham Green Brewery and Ainscoughs

Started in 1996 by Martin & Helen Ainscough, the “group” to start with really just began with a small handful of people wanting to get involved with the joint belief that this new business was going to be a worthwhile concept that was going to make a difference. In the early years it started with The Eagle and Child in Parbold and from there infamous places such as Ziba in Liverpool were conceived and old favourites that were steeped in history were acquired and encouraged to prosper under new friendly ownership, namely The Wizard in Cheshire. Time and sheer hard work has allowed the group to prosper into what is now a boutique company, offering superb establishments with excellent food and drink complimented by friendly efficient service. It doesn’t just stop there, we also own hotels. The Miller Howe Hotel situated on the banks of Windermere, Cumbria has for years been associated with high class excellence and amazing views. Ok, so now we sound like we are bragging, but we are immensely proud to be part of such a great chunk of culinary history that we can now take forward and develop into a destination that is available for everyone to experience. With rooms that could have been torn out of the best “style bibles” of the 2oth century yet remaining true to it’s original slow pace and tranquil setting with unassuming service and excellent gastronomy. Remember though- “exclusive” doesn’t mean “excluded” and although we love to offer something special we want to steer clear of the slippery slope of pretentiousness that is the downfall of some of the best establishments. We offer good value without allowing the quality to suffer, and that is evident throughout the company. Oh, sorry, we have forgotten something, our new Farm Shop at The Eagle and Child. A new concept from Martin and Helen- and WHAT a concept. Imagine this..... you have had a perfect pint from the award winning Eagle and Child and you haven’t the time to sample the menu and for one reason or another there isn’t any food at home. The Farm Shop comes to the rescue with a varied range of freshly prepared meals to take away and a butchery corner to satisfy the hungriest carnivore in you. Peruse the shelves stocked full of wine, dry goods and condiments to create the prefect quick meal or a banquet fit for Lancashire’s finest (the Lancashire bit isn’t compulsory though!)
How We Arrived

So you like what you’ve read so far. Hotels in the lakes, pubs with roaring fires and atmospheres to match, farm shops stuffed to rafters with well sourced products from all over the British Isles. “But I want to work in a city” I hear you cry! If the sublime rural splendour of the Lakes and Cheshire doesn’t apply- firstly why ever not, but secondly, don’t forget about our hotel in LIVERPOOL. The Racquet Club in Liverpool is city centre chic yet remains true to the friendly ownership of the company. This place has opulence and flair along with friendliness. Liverpool has just had one of its best years ever as the 2008 City of Culture and the tourism trade in this region is busy and we love it.
And There is More...